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Same old, same old does not describe me or my writing. There are editors who have encouraged my work at Inside Higher EdSun News, The News-Herald, The Plain Dealer, The Cleveland Jewish News, Crain's Cleveland Business, Tri-County Business Journal, Cleveland State University's On Campus and Close-Up, John Carroll University's Carroll Alumni Journal, Notre Dame College's e-Falcon and Notre Dame News, Tzu Chi website and publication, The Bibliotherapist, Recovery Reporter, Ohio Writer, Femspec, and Teaching English in the Two-Year College. And more. Check out my weekly column, "Lovin' Lyndhurst" on


I have proofread with care as well on projects such as Neurology special issues. As an editor, I do not slash up your work and impose my voice on yours. I strategically point out your strengths and weaker areas.


As well as excelling as a news/feature writer, I am experienced in writing ads, brochures, catalog copy, sales letters, viewbooks, and even humor and commemorative poems. I have written a billboard, speeches, and scripts. I cover the full range of emotions for and with you.


Others writers may claim versatility; ask to see samples of my writing, and you decide.


As both a writing teacher and a teaching writer, I help novice and experienced writers achieve their own goals, too.




Selected Clips


In Memoriam: Susan Brachna. Counseling Today, January 2014.

Lovin' Lyndhurst (weekly column). and in print in Sun Messenger, Dec. 20-Present.

Daily Dose (A Cleveland Clinic publication): Five Lessons Toddlers Can Teach Us About How to Eat, June 2013.

A Kinder Campus,column promoting campus workplace morale, civility and collegiality

 "Little shop of (committee) horrors" 9 Mar 2012

"Tips for a brighter campus" 24 Feb 2012

"Beating campus doldrums" 27 Jan 2012

"Rx for foot-in-mouth disease" 16 Dec 2011

"A canopy of kindness" 30 Nov. 2011

"Loss through the lens of autumn" 4 Nov. 2011

"Thumbs up for a balanced life?" 21 Oct. 2011

"Honor your campus library" 30 Sept 2011

"When words can fail" 9 Sept. 2011

"Stand up for yourself" 26 Aug 2011

"The very rough art of listening" 12 Aug 2011

"Cropping out incivility" 29 July 2011

"Out of your comfort zone," 15 July 2011

"Invincible mentors," 1 July 2011

"The spiritual adjunct," (humor). Inside Higher Ed 24 June 2011

"Ohio's new budget is business-friendly, panelists say," June 2011 Tri-County Business Journal (p. 7)

"What's the real state of real estate?" May 2011 Tri-County Business Journal (p. 15)

"From out of the shadows." Inside Higher Ed. 11 May 2011

From the April issue of Tri-County Business Journal:

(1) Cover story: “Three faces of success.” Third in a series on [U.S.} immigrant entrepreneurship.

(2) “Small business forum discusses funding options” (p. 2)

(3) “Goldilocks’ perfect office space” (p. 14)

(4) "From humble beginnings, immigrants ascend" (p. 5)


"Laying the blueprints of an American career." Tri-County Business Journal. March 2011. 2nd in a series on [U.S.} immigrant entrepreneurship

"In pursuit of the American dream. Tri-County Business Journal, February 2011.

1st in a series on immigrant entrepreneurship.


"The punctuation follies," (humor). Inside Higher Ed December 20, 2010. A lighthearted look at the world of punctuation.

"South Euclid ponders keys to future success," Tri-County Business Journal. December 2010. City leaders and business owners articulate a college town concept.

"Make meetings matter." Tri-County Business Journal. November 2010.

There's more than meets the eye when it comes to meetings.

"Case study: 'The Office," Tri-County Business Journal, October 2010. A reverse object lesson: The place you never wanted to work.

"Leaders ponder effect of election," Tri-County Business Journal, October 2010. City leaders and business owners offer tips and hopes after county-wide scandals.

"My dog is my agent," (humor). Inside Higher EdSeptember 3, 2010. It's exactly what you think: A humorous essay about my canine confidante.


"Eclectic business branches out," Tri-County Business Journal, September 2010. Are you among the thousands of South Green Road drivers who don't know of the treasure trove behind the big trees?

“Voice lessons: an adopted stray finds her bark,” Christian Science Monitor, August 16/23, 2010. A heartfelt look at my newest "child."

"No! Don't let this two-letter word stop you in your tracks," Tri-County Business Journal,July-August 2010. Regroup after rejection.

"Take me out to the trade show," Tri-County Business Journal, June 2010. Don't just set up your booth and sit there like a rock.


"Failing the Future" [Annette Kolodny], Femspec 10.2 (2010). A review of a book by a dean who considered herself a change agent. Consider what those before us have cautioned re: our educational system, K-12  and beyond.

“Trade (show) secrets,” Tri-County Business Journal, May 2010

Words to live by,” Cleveland Jewish News, April 16, 2010. What I learned at the 40th annual conference on the Holocaust and the Churches.

"Necessity: The grandmother of invention," Tri-County Business Journal, April 2010. Ilke Gordon is a dynamo. Read this to find out why.(Paper copies available.)

“Adjunct Barbie,” Inside Higher Ed April 6, 2010. Not to whine, just wonder.

Dino’s nourishes customers with love,” Tri-County Business Journal,

March 2010. Learn what makes this restaurant a Lyndhurst institution and its owners unique.

“A lotus blooms in Cleveland,” Tzu Chi  Foundation, USA.. Feb. 2010. Call me  adventurous. Step inside and reflect on life's deepest meanings, the importance of service, and the reality of impermanence.

“Trailblazer,” simultaneously published in e-Falcon (faculty/staff newspaper) and Notre Dame News, Feb. 2010. My young son as NDC's first (unofficial) male student.

“Schonberg [attorney] advises vast knowledge in lean times,” Tri-County Business Journal, February 2010. An ABC of acronyms to keep your business out of court and in step with the times.

Afterglow from the MLA,” Inside Higher Ed,February 5, 2010. A song of praise to my first annual conference of this erudite group.

“More than just a sign stolen,”Cleveland Jewish News, January 8, 2010. Outrage at the theft of the Auschwitz sign.

“A syllabus syllabary,” (humor) Inside Higher Ed, December 29, 2009. Fun.

Maria in Tolerance Center"An American dream fades in the suburbs," Plain Dealer, October 4, 2009. The true story of my cousin's struggles without health insurance and enduring foreclosure and job loss.

"Trio of Solon triathletes will race for cerebral palsy,” Sun News, July 31, 2009. What drives triathletes to push to the max on behalf of others?


“Artist Christine Linson's line of greeting cards a tribute to friend lost to cancer,” Sun News, July 13, 2009. From heartache to creative expression.

“Clutter and cheese croissants,” (humor) Inside Higher Ed, July 10, 2009. The true story of yours truly and her collecting ways. (Please don't tell the fire marshal.)

“Amplify errors to minimize them,” Teaching English in the Two-Year College, March 2009. Paper copies available. This is light-hearted but experience-based approach to sentence boundaries, which appeared in a refereed publication.

Sighing in cyberspace,” (humor) Inside Higher Ed, December 16, 2008. Yes, there is turbulence out here.

“Tolerance talks will open hearts, minds,” Sun Messenger, November 6, 2008. Why I pursued Native American studies in earnest.

Report from Nieman Conference on Narrative Journalism. Guest blogger. Working with Words. March 29, 2008

“International Experts Depict Challenges, Rewards for ‘Third Gens’” Cleveland Jewish News, Oct. 5, 2007. Research on trauma and its aftermath.

“Poetry and parody,” Teaching English in the Two-Year College, Fall 2007: 76-78. Poking fun at (to deepen appreciation of) poetry.

“Two names and an unimagined world,” Cleveland Jewish News, January 5, 2007. The story of my dad and the daughter he lost.


Further Back ...


“Interpersonally speaking” [reflections on teaching], Tri-Scene 4.1, Cuyahoga Community College

“Wounded Healer” [Martha Manning’s Undercurrents], The Bibliotherapist

“Cornfield Review” [published at The Ohio State University at Marion], Ohio Writer

“Earthshine” [review of David Young’s book, Earthshine], Ohio Writer

“Richmond teachers’ relations ‘amiable,’” The News-Herald, 1998

“Smart connections at your fingertips: A student guide to electronic services” [promotional brochure], Cleveland State University, 1996

“[South Euclid-Lyndhurst] District renovates stadium bids,” The News-Herald, November 26, 1996

“Richmond Heights residents relieved as debate postponed,” The News-Herald, May 24, 1995

“Projects a go for Meridia Hillcrest,” The News-Herald, May 24, 1995

Voices: Bridging the Gap, a chapbook by Lake Ridge Academy and OASIS senior citizens, 1993. Editor, teacher, and contributor.

“[Anthropology] student conquers illness; earns diploma and new lease on life,” On Campus [CSU], June 7, 1993

“Dillard shares rich pool of experiences with student,” On Campus [CSU], March 1, 1993

“Beyond the footlights” [CSU’s Dance Program], CSU Close-Up, Winter 1993

“Dissertation is a winner,” On Campus [CSU], January 19, 1993

“Dennis Anderson, V.P., CSU,” CACUBO newsletter, December 1992.

“Poetry Center comes into its own with new home,” On Campus [CSU], October 19, 1992

“Lists of residents ordered released,” The News-Herald, September 9, 1992

“Holocaust workshop enlightens and disturbs,” On Campus [CSU], September 8, 1992

“Energy conservation: Cents saved add up to big bucks,” On Campus [CSU], September 8, 1992

“Research examines aging and the changes it brings,” On Campus [CSU], May 4, 1992

“Works by CSU student artists cheer hospital patients,” On Campus [CSU], May 4, 1992

“Heavenly sounds of new organ to be heard in May 5 concert,” On Campus [CSU], April 20, 1992

“Math in national spotlight,” On Campus [CSU], April 6, 1992

“Scholar [M.S. Nagaraja Rao] shares legacy of India at CSU,” On Campus [CSU], March 2, 1992

“Calendar course is offered,” On Campus [CSU], March 2, 1992

“Library hosts first minority intern,” On Campus [CSU], March 2, 1992

“School levy considered in Euclid,” The News-Herald, January 28, 1992

 “Tradition, technology side-by-side in China,” On Campus [CSU], January 6, 1992

"Meals available to homebound for Thanksgiving day,” The News-Herald, November 26, 1991

“Moderation key to remaining healthy,” The News-Herald, November 26, 1991

Debra 21“Interest in video provides new career challenges,” On Campus [CSU], November 4, 1991

“Business travel carries big potential for stress,” Crain’s Cleveland Business, September 9, 1991

“Students design ‘ideal’ First College,” On Campus [CSU], September 3, 1991

 “Mussel man,” Carroll Alumni Journal, August 1991

 “A sampling of Irish culture offered at Parma festival,” The News-Herald, August 2, 1991

“Flats set for seventh summer rally at Riverfest, The News-Herald, July 26, 1991

“No holes in Middlefield festival’s event schedule,” The News-Herald, June 14, 1991

 “Crafts fans find comfort inside school,” The News-Herald, June 14, 1991

“Festival founder credits community for event’s success,” The News-Herald, June 14, 1991

“Parade entrants celebrate American,” The News-Herald, June 14, 1991

“Quilt show, festival snuggle,” The News-Herald, June 14, 1991

“Only one wears crown,” The News-Herald, June 14, 1991

“SE-L to join vocational consortium,” The News-Herald, March 19, 1991

“McTaggart’s Lounge ends era,” The News-Herald, March 15, 1991

“Former ambassador [Edward Peck] provides Iraq insight,” The News-Herald, January 30, 1991

“Author: Children must learn to think,” The News-Herald, November 8, 1990

RiverFest crowd discovers Cleveland’s natural assets,” The News-Herald, July 28, 1990

“Cornfield Review” [review of Spring 1989 journal, The Ohio State University at Marion], Ohio Writer, May/June 1990

“Furniture that works overtime,” Cleveland Jewish News, May 1990

“Road work OK’d in Lyndhurst $7.3 million budget,” The News-Herald, March 20, 1990

“Dressing baby,” Cleveland Jewish News, March 9, 1990

“Award-winning author [Taylor Branch] stresses value of oral history,” The News-Herald, February 24, 1990

“Teaching science as an art,” Carroll Alumni Journal, February 1990

 “Earthshine” [poetry review of book by David Young], Ohio Writer, January/February 1990

“Dick Gregory urges youths to change world,” The News-Herald, January 30, 1989

“Tired of clutter?” Cleveland Jewish News, October 27, 1989

”Stomp on out [Concord grape festival],” The News-Herald, September 22, 1989

“Threatening skies can’t deter Mayfield village days,” The News-Herald, August 14, 1989

“Making dreams come true” [Cleveland’s “I Have a Dream” program], CSU Close-Up, October 1989

“Miss Oktoberfest will greet visitors,” The News-Herald, August 28, 1989

“Renaissance man, law professor,” Carroll Alumni Journal, August 1989

”Dance: The way to get and stay fit and trim,” Cleveland Jewish News, July 14, 1989

“Reshaping the empty nest,” Cleveland Jewish News, May 12, 1989

“SE-L schools consider Saturday classes,” The News-Herald, December 13, 1988

“Drinking beer correctly takes some know-how,” The News-Herald, August 29, 1988

“Fair draws to hot finish in Berea,” The News-Herald, August 15, 1988

“W-E plans meetings to discuss possible levy,” The News-Herald, August 9, 1988

“There’s hope for English majors” [with Donald Stewart] The Unicorn [CSU English Department newsletter], Winter 1988

“Want to make your own video?” Centerline [CSU Career Services’ newsletter], Fall 1988