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Unsolicited Testimonials

"Maria brings a real writer's approach to the teaching of writing." -D.K



"She learned a new area in such depth that she could write about it as if she were a professional in the field." -E.G.



"I have never felt so affirmed and supported as a writer. In the time that I worked with Maria, I grew by leaps and bounds." -S.R.



"She offers a rare blend of tact and tenacity in dealing with others." -S.K.



shambles"Her experience in journalism, public relations, oral history, and psychological journaling combine to yield excellent results." -K.Z.



"Her writing is a delight. It is masterful, has depth, and is always thought provoking." -J.S.



"She cared about all of us, and the results showed." -J.J.



"Not your mother's English teacher. She is innovative, imaginative, and teaches creativity by example." -L.M.


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